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AustraliaCompanyFormation.com is a part of a large legal network, BridgeWest, which is specialized in providing company incorporation services for foreign investors seeking to establish a business on a foreign market or to expand their operations to other countries. At AustraliaCompanyFormation.com, investors can find a team that can help in any aspect regarding the registration of a business. 

The team of company incorporation specialists working at AustraliaCompanyFormation.com provides top legal services to foreigners who want to start a business here. Finding a team of legal advisors when entering a new market is of crucial importance and I highly recommend foreign businessmen to get in touch with the consultants of AustraliaCompanyFormation.com for any matter related to the registration of a local business, as well as on other aspects that business owners should know once the company begins its activity. 

Valeri Bendianishvili, Lawyer and Managing Partner at Business Setup Georgia LLC

I recommend the team of professionals representing AustraliaCompanyFormation.com, as we had a very good collaboration throughout the years. Foreign businessmen can rely on this team if they need advice in choosing a company prescribed by the Australian commercial law or if they need to be legally represented by local specialists throughout the incorporation process. Investors can also request consultancy services on corporate tax matters or accounting, as well as legal advice on how to operate through a branch office or a subsidiary, for those wishing to expand their company to this market. 

Cristian Darie, Attorney at Darie, Manea & Associates  

The team of AustraliaCompanyFormation.com has an extensive experience in dealing with the registration of any company type that is prescribed by the national law and can help foreign investors in preparing the set of documents required for incorporation. Businessmen will receive the assistance they need in this procedure, but they can also rely on the professional services of AustraliaCompanyFormation.com specialists in the case in which they want to purchase a company that is available for sale or if they intend to operate here by requesting the services of a virtual office. 

Mihai Cuc, Partner of Enescu & Cuc Law Firm


Over the years, I had a very good collaboration with the specialists of AustraliaCompanyFormation.com. They have provided top services to my clients interested in starting a business in Australia and have offered all the necessary support and information on a wide range of matters that can be of interest for a foreign investor (business visas, legislation on foreign investments, tax benefits foreign investors can obtain here, legal advice on the accounting procedures that they have to complete once they will start a company in Australia, information on the employment law, etc.). The team has also provided tailored assistance based on the investment sector that foreign businessmen were interested in. 

Vlad Cuc, Director of Bridgewest

I recommend foreign investors to contact the AustraliaCompanyFormation.com team if they need any type of advice related to starting a business here. Over the years, my clients that were interested in starting a business in Australia received all the legal support from the specialists of AustraliaCompanyFormation.com and step-to-step assistance on the procedures that were required for establishing a business in a given industry. My clients received in-depth information on how to register other types of entities, besides the ones that are prescribed for commercial purposes – how to register an investment fund, a trust, a non-profit organization, etc. 

Francesco Dagnino, Partner of LawyersItaly.eu