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Buy a Shelf Company in Australia

Buy a Shelf Company in Australia

shelf company in Australia is an attractive way to start a business in this country in the case in which you want to set up your business as soon as possible. Typically, local and foreign investors have to start the process of company formation in Australia in order to start a business, but the registration formalities can last few weeks. 

The shelf company for sale in Australia has already gone through the entire incorporation procedure and it is available to be purchased by investors who want or need to begin their operations here as soon as possible, or who want to avoid the incorporation procedure. Those who want to buy a shelf company in Australia can request information on the procedure from our team of consultants.  

Why buy a shelf company in Australia?

The shelf company provides a set of advantages for both local and foreign investors. The main advantage is that the company has already gained legal personality and that is it available for purchase. It also provides all the characteristics of any other company, but it is worth knowing that the shelf company has never had commercial activities. 

The reason for which the shelf company (also referred to as a ready-made company) gained legal personality through the process of company formation in Australia is to be available for sale, in the eventuality in which an investor wants to skip the registration formalities. However, investors can obtain additional advantages, besides the fact that they will not spend any time dealing with documents, lawyers, institutions, approvals and standard procedures. 

Thus, it is necessary to highlight that the shelf company is the ideal vehicle for those who want to obtain a bank loan for instance, as banks will generally want to collaborate with companies that have been set up for several years, as this provides a higher level of credibility. For a newly founded company, the possibility to obtain a loan is limited. In this case, investors should search for aged shelf companies for sale in Australia

The reason for which we recommend to search for aged shelf companies for sale in Australia is not limited to the aspects presented above. This is important for establishing business partnerships with individuals or other companies, by showing that the company has a certain level of longevity. Besides these, those who want to bid on contracts may actually have to attest having several years since the incorporation, as this can be imposed as a basic requirement when entering this procedure. 

What is the cost of a shelf company for sale in Australia?

If you want to buy a shelf company in Australia, you will have to conclude your due diligence and verify the local prices. This can also be done with the help of our specialists in company incorporation in Australia. The price can vary based on the company type under which the shelf company is registered, but also based on the date at which it was incorporated (recent shelf companies are cheaper, while aged shelf companies for sale in Australia will have a higher cost). Below, we present some of the costs you can expect to pay: 

  • shelf companies registered in August 2021 can have a cost of $1,196.05;
  • companies registered in May and June 2021 can cost $1,291.05 to $1,338.55;
  • if you want to buy a shelf company in Australia incorporated in June or October 2020, you can expect to pay $3,120 to $4,240;
  • those incorporated in November 2020 can cost $2,480;
  • companies registered before June 2018 will have a higher cost, of $6,000. 

What changes can one bring to a shelf company in Australia? 

Regardless if you open a company in Australiafollowing the standard registration procedure or if you choose to purchase a shelf company, in the case in which you will bring various changes to the company to the data that was initially registered, you have certain obligations. 

First, you will have to inform the local authorities. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the documents attesting the modifications that are brought must be submitted in a period of maximum 28 days since the modifications were applied. If you want to buy a shelf company in Australia, then you will definitely have to make specific changes. 

The first one refers to the ownership of the company – after the purchase, the company will have a new shareholder, and his or her own personal data has to be specified in the company documents. Then, the investor may want to establish a new business address or a new trading name. Matters related to the directors of the company will also be considered modifications. So, if you want to buy a shelf company in Australia, after the purchase you will have to complete specific papers. For more details, our consultants remain at your disposal

Local and foreign investors who do not want to purchase a legal entity available for sale can, of course, open a company in Australia following the basic registration procedure, which starts with reserving a trading name for the business with the ASIC.

Then, the company must obtain a registration certificate and meanwhile, the investors can sign the incorporation papers.

Further on, in order to set up a company in Australia and complete the registration process, the investors must obtain a tax identification number and, if necessary, obtain business permits and licenses for their business activity.

All business must have an assigned business address, where they can receive their official documentation (a virtual office can also be used for this purpose).

The main advantage of an Australian shelf company is that all these procedures are already completed since the registration, but the new company owners can bring various changes to the data already registered.

They can change the business activity of the company, its registered address, they must assign new directors, etc. All these changes must be reported to ASIC.